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From an early age, nature has been a great source of inspiration for Cees. He started in 1965 with the Floristry Art course in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Art history, painting, composition and color theory were a big part of the study. His talent did not go unnoticed and in 1971 he became Dutch Champion Floristry. He started his own company and ran his own flower shop in Veenendaal for 30 years, with a great passion for the profession. The sale of the shop gave Cees the opportunity to devote himself completely to art. 


As an autodidact, he taught himself the various painting techniques. His specialty is a combination of acrylic- and oil paint. His work is sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative or impressionistic. But always with a clear own signature: the varied color combinations and design language. The paintings have no title so as not to influence the viewer's own perception. In addition to being a painter, Cees is also a sculptor. He processes wood until the shape is complete and then gives it color.


Nature still plays a major role in the creation of Cees's paintings. He prefers to paint outside in the garden, because that is where the colors and light are best captured. Painting in nature also gives him the space to view his work from a greater distance. In this way completely different compositions are sometimes created. Cees is never short of inspiration. He does these both while cycling through nature and while reading books. Travel also gives him ideas. But whatever the subject, Cees always incorporates his own feeling about it in the painting. 



T. +316 196 75 655  |
Veenendaal | The Netherlands

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